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Our financial advisors, Clay and Chrissy, are ready to help you create and manage your wealth to secure the financial future you’ve always dreamed of.

Read our essential guide to hiring a financial planner!

There are many things that financial planners can do for you. It’s best for you to know exactly what to expect. For example, some people assume that brokers do the same thing as financial advisors (they don’t!).

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Our Services

Frey Financial provides financial planning and wealth management services for individuals in all stages of their lives. From dedicated savers, business owners, young professionals and First Responders, we assist a diverse range of clients as independent financial advisors. We are constantly growing our portfolio of investment products through rigorous research and long lived professional relationships with trusted financial institutions.


Create the foundation for your legacy with our financial planning services. We’ll help you assess and update your retirement income needs as you focus on more immediate financial goals, such as education goals and tax reduction strategies.


Make your retirement savings exceed your expectations and out live you. Our goal is to assure you that you will have all the resources you need to meet your future spending needs in retirement. In addition, we provide tax reduction strategies, estate planning, and legacy planning.


Our financial advisors
specialize in financial planning
for First Responders. We are proud to work with Tucson Public Safety Officers and other public officials to help them achieve financial independence before retirement.

To begin your wealth management journey with Frey Financial, we encourage you to contact us today by giving our office a call. Your financial planning needs are unique to you, a phone conversation assists us in learning about you and your specific needs and goals.

We’re committed to Meeting your financial goals.

As native Tucsonans and 3rd-generation financial advisors, we’re committed to serving you throughout your lifetime. We’ll always keep your needs in mind so that we can consistently work towards your financial goals with needs. Each client relationship is unique to our firm, so you’ll always receive dedicated attention and reliable guidance that you can depend on.

We’re here to extend your
financial knowledge

Education is an important part of what we do. We’re always finding ways to educate existing and prospective clients about retirement planning, strategic legacy planning, investment, and current economic updates. See our upcoming educational events on our Resources page.

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