Why choose Frey Financial for your future?

We believe that


Let’s face it, wealth management and financial planning aren’t exactly exciting tasks for most people. Fortunately, these services are Clay and Chrissy’s bread and butter. 

We’re ready to help you finally prioritize your retirement planning and build generational wealth within your family. But don’t expect to step into a pinned-up, unapproachable office when you visit us. We’ll take the time to get to know you and offer a fun, welcoming environment to discuss your unique needs. Our office is in the heart of central Tucson, and our doors are always open for you to experience a brighter financial future. 

You’re a real person with real needs and wants.

Clients sometimes come to us with negative perceptions of financial planning. Maybe they tried the DIY approach to wealth management and became quickly overwhelmed. Alternatively, some clients come through our doors with a bad impression left from previous financial planners who simply weren’t meeting their needs. Our approach is tailored to you and your family. As independent financial advisors, we can offer the widest range of solutions for your wealth management and retirement planning needs. Whether you’re coming to us with a blank slate for your retirement or to get a second opinion of your current portfolio, we’re ready to help. 

We see your long term financial success as confirmation of our success.

Both Clay and Chrissy Frey are pillars within the Tucson community. In fact, Frey Financial has roots tracing back several decades. We’re committed to remaining trusted, independent financial advisors, so you can rest assured that your success is our priority. Many of our new clients come to us as referrals from existing clients. So quite simply, the growth of our business relies on doing what’s right for the people we help.

Our Community Involvement


We’ll cover Wealth management gaps That other financial firms may quickly gloss over.

Along with effective financial strategies and investment advice, we build healthy and complete portfolios by filling in gaps with essential insurance coverage and the right investment products for differing needs.

In addition to our core planning services, we also provide wealth management where needed. Comprehensive wealth management takes a deep dive into your legacy planning needs, which will include estate planning, tax reduction planning, and wealth transfers to your heirs or charities.

No matter where you currently stand in your retirement planning, we can help you make the best decisions for your financial future. Contact us today to meet with us. Because retirement planning is a complex, individualized process, we begin developing a new client relationship with a meeting in our office to discover your needs and goals. This allows us to thoroughly assess whether we’re the right financial advisors for your goals.

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There are many things that financial planners can do for you. It’s best for you to know exactly what to expect. For example, some people assume that brokers do the same thing as financial advisors (they don’t!).
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