financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Investment Calculator

The Investment Calculator can be used to calculate a specific parameter for an investment plan. 


Retirement Calculator

The Retirement Calculator can help a person plan the financial aspects of retirement. 


IRA calculator

The IRA calculator can be used to evaluate and compare Traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Roth IRAs, and regular taxable savings. For comparison purposes, Roth IRA and regular taxable savings will be converted to after-tax values. To calculate Roth IRA with after-tax inputs, please use our Roth IRA Calculator. See Below:


Roth IRA Calculator 

This calculator estimates the balances of Roth IRA savings and compares them with regular taxable savings.


Compound Interest Calculator

The Compound Interest Calculator below can be used to compare or convert the interest rates of different compounding periods. Please use our Interest Calculator to do actual calculations on compound interest. See Below:


Interest Calculator 

The Interest Calculator can help determine the interest payments and final balances on not only fixed principal amounts but also additional periodic contributions. 


Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Use this calculator if the term length of the remaining loan is known and there is information on the original loan – good for new loans or preexisting loans that have never been supplemented with any external payments.


Refinance Calculator

The refinance calculator can help plan the refinancing of a loan given various situations, and also allows the side-by-side comparison of the existing or refinanced loan.


Armortization Calculator 

The Amortization Calculator can serve as a basic tool for most, if not all, amortization calculations, there are other calculators available on this website that are more specifically geared for common amortization calculations.


Inflation Calculator

Calculates the equivalent value of the U.S. dollar in any year from 1914 to 2021. Calculations are based on the average annual CPI data in the U.S. from 1914 to 2020. Plus Three Other Calculators.


401(k) Calculator 

The 401(k) Calculator can estimate a 401(k) balance at retirement as well as distributions in retirement based on income, contribution percentage, age, salary increase, and investment return. 


College Cost Calculator 

The College Cost Calculator can help determine rough estimates of what to expect from college costs, and in turn, how much to begin budgeting for it. To estimate the costs of more specific colleges, the College Navigator can be used to get more precise annual college costs data. 


Simple Student Loan Calculator

Use the calculator below to evaluate the student loan payoff options, as well as the interest to be saved. The remaining balance, monthly payment, and interest rate can be found on the monthly student loan bill.  Plus Two More Calculators.

Social Security calculators

Social Security Calculators

The U.S. Social Security website provides calculators for various purposes. While they are all useful, there currently isn’t a way to help determine the ideal (financially speaking) age at which a person between the ages of 62-70 should apply for their Social Security retirement benefits. This tool is designed specifically for this purpose. Please note that this calculator is intended for U.S. Social Security purposes only.

Go to to learn what your Social Security benefits will be based on your lifetime income and age.


Social Security Calculator 

Use the following calculation to determine the ideal age to apply for Social Security retirement benefits based on age, life expectancy, and average investment performance. Plus Compare Two Application Ages.  

Estate Tax Calculator

Estate Tax Calculator 

The Estate Tax Calculator estimates federal estate tax due. Many states impose their own estate taxes, but they tend to be less than the federal estate tax.

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