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Financial planning And Retirement planning services

The importance of financial and retirement planning is no secret. However, wealth management and retirement planning tasks are often put on hold for a variety of reasons. Maybe retirement planning simply seems overwhelming. Or perhaps you think you’re still too young to worry about retirement. No matter what the reason is, we can make the process easier (and more successful) for you. Clay and Chrissy can assist you at any stage of life, whether you’re just beginning to build your wealth or getting ready to retire. We’ll help you maximize existing resources at your disposal—such as your existing employer plans or choosing the right Social Security Income benefits—and introduce you to new opportunities with the right investment strategies with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning service is geared toward anyone who wants to be prepared to retire comfortably in the future. It begins with a thorough understanding of your current financial resources, preparing a retirement income needs analysis and prepare a plan of action and consistently monitoring your progress as you pursue your financial objectives.

Wealth Management

How much is enough you ask? Are you getting ready to retire and uncertain whether or not you have enough capital and assets to retire? We focus on your income needs and assets required to assure you can feel confident about when to make your retirement decision. Our financial planning software will provide us with your likelihood of achieving a successful and dignified retirement outcome.

First Responders

Frey Financial is proud to offer dedicated financial planning for First Responders and Tucson Public Safety Officers. Because a significant percentage of our clients are First Responders, we have an in-depth knowledge of public retirement programs, such as the 401(k) plan, DROP and subsequent pension plans. We can help you achieve longevity with your public retirement fund for a well-deserved future of financial freedom. 

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Both Chrissy and Clay Frey of Frey Financial are dedicated to solidifying your financial future with flexible solutions for your unique needs and goals. If you too are dedicated and disciplined to achieving a dignified retirement lifestyle, call our office to schedule an initial discovery meeting. 

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There are many things that financial planners can do for you. It’s best for you to know exactly what to expect. For example, some people assume that brokers do the same thing as financial advisors (they don’t!).
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