First Responders


First Responders are among the most deserving of a dignified, long, and relaxing retirement. After a lifetime of service to the community, it’s your turn to enjoy some peace and quiet (backed up by financial security).

As a longstanding firm of independent financial advisors, we understand the value of serving our community and doing what’s right. That’s why it’s a priority of ours to provide retirement planning services to public safety first responders, including those in law enforcement.


Chrissy Frey

"When I can look back on my career and know that I’ve helped our first responders in some way after they’ve dedicated their lives to supporting our country, I’m happy."

Chrissy and Clay both have a long history of working with first responders. In fact, more than a quarter of Chrissy’s clients are Tucson Public Safety Officers or employees of the City of Tucson. With extensive knowledge of the city’s deferred compensation and the DROP plan, we’ve assisted many public officials with their early retirement. Alternatively, we can help you achieve longevity with your public retirement fund and help you work toward building generational wealth for your family.

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